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Transition to ITIL4 – Managing Professional Transition (MPT) - 17 ITIL V3 Credits Required

If you have ITIL Expert Certification or 17 ITIL v3 Credits you are eligible to transition UP! The Managing Professional Transition certification is available now and classes fill up so it is important to reserve your seat fast. I strongly suggest to include a free seat in an ITIL 4 Foundation class. It will give you a good solid understanding of the basic concepts and help a lot because the Managing Professional Transition is dense in content.

ITIL 4 Foundation is NOT a prerequisite. However, the Foundation course provides exposure to concepts and practices which aren't covered in MPT. The ITIL 4 Foundation Module of MPT will give you a good introduction to the Service Value System, The Service Value Chain, Service Relationships and more.

Managing Professional Transition will start you on your journey for new ways of thinking and new ways to approach best practice and like any other bridge or transition class it will have a short shelf life!

The Managing Professional Transit…

ITIL 4 Guiding Principles - Optimize and Automate

Henry Ford did not invent the car. Providers of automobiles during the 1800’s were ok creating cars as toys for the very rich. Henry Ford, on the other hand, was interested in the experience of the common man and created an automobile that was within the economic reach of the average American. Ford developed a method of manufacturing that optimized his resources and lowered the cost of manufacturing. His motto was to simplify, simplify, simplify! Henry Ford knew how to apply common sense to new ideas. His ability to simplify and to optimize solutions to otherwise complicated and insurmountable problems made him the great pioneer of his time. 
This blog is one in a series for the seven guiding principles from ITIL 4best practices. To optimize means to make the best or most effective use of a situation, an opportunity, or of a resource. Get started on your journey today! Optimize and Automate! 
The idea to “Optimize and Automate” is not new to manufacturing and the same concepts tha…