MOF and Standard Changes

Organizations looking for help defining standard changes will find it in the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF).

A white paper Using Standard Changes to Improve Provisioning describes what standard changes are in relation to other changes as well as in relation to service requests; along with guidelines for establishing standard changes.

The MOF Action Plan: Standard Changes offers a more succinct step-by-step look at how to create standard changes.

There are a also a number of “MOF Reliability Workbooks” in the MOF Technical Library (e.g., Reliability Workbook for Active Directory® Certificate Services) that describe proposed standard changes for the given system or service presented in a checklist-like fashion that allows the proposed change to be verified as a standard change. The MOF Reliability Workbooks are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that also look at things such as Monitoring Activities, Maintenance activities, and Health Risks.

This and other tools such as an interesting Service Mapping Guide can be found at:


Michael said…
Can you give some examples of Standard Changes in Windows Server 2003? Do you have some list of those?

Thank you!
Thank you for your comment, Michael. For this information, Microsoft would be your best resource.

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