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Live vs. Sample Exams: Which is Harder?

By Felipe Villegas and Donna Knapp (Reposted with permission from Professional Designations) A frequent observation among certification candidates is the notion that sample exams are less daunting compared to real certification tests. Despite both types of exams being designed to mirror each other closely, this perception persists. In this blog post, we will explain how exams are built and will speculate about the underlying factors contributing to this perception. Certification exams, whether sample or live, are constructed based on a standardized blueprint that outlines the distribution of questions, desired difficulty levels, and other technical details. These exams are assembled using a comprehensive pool of questions, each of which is classified by learning objective, topic, and level of difficulty. Once multiple exams are built, one or more are selected at random to be distributed as sample exams. If all exams are constructed the same way, why are sample exams often perceived a

Aligning the Power of Certifications with Your Ikigai

By Donna Knapp and Gabrielle Davidsen In today’s dynamic world where things seemingly change overnight, there’s always something to learn. Whether you’re starting a new career, transitioning to a new job, beginning a new hobby, or simply striving to be your best, you’ll need to acquire new knowledge and skills. Being committed to lifelong learning has many benefits. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that it helps you to discover on a personal level what you’re passionate about… your why! The Japanese call this ikigai. Your purpose. Your reason for living. It’s as much about understanding what brings you joy as it is about understanding how what you do benefits others. We all have days where we’re just trying to get stuff done or where we are reacting to whatever is the crisis of the day. We all have those days where we must do those parts of our jobs that we don’t enjoy. After all, does anyone enjoy paperwork? It’s the way of the world and on those types of days we need to just