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HVIT – An Atmospheric View of High Velocity IT

A Digital Transformation requires radical and profound change that orients an organization toward an entirely new direction and takes a service provider to an entirely different level!

High Velocity IT (HVIT) is the application of digital technology that will likely play a major role in significant business enablement where speed is crucial!

This is an Atmospheric View of High Velocity IT - Meditate on this for a few - POWERFUL!

High Velocity IT is just a normal way of doing business for some organizations. For others it is an aspiration and many service providers are on a quest to get there fast. Best practice shows that there are three core elements required for HVIT and after taking a deeper dive into these aspects I became excited to see how these characteristics can change the world!

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Get Certified in HVIT. The HVIT Certification Course takes a deeper dive into this model.
This is more than a skillset it is an ability to shift the entire organization toward sys…
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The EVOLUTION of the ENGINEER – Site Reliability Engineers

Let’s take a walk down to the ocean and while you consider the opportunity, benefits, and $$$, think about dipping your toe in. Let’s explore Reliability, Site Reliability, and the Site Reliability Engineer

No doubt the world is evolving. People are evolving and tech is evolving. Business and customer requirements are evolving. The evolution of systems requires the evolution of engineers. Nature and pandemics put undue stress on our resources! In comes the Certified Site Reliability Engineer

"Urgent, Urgent, Urgent… All hands on deck!", is a call that practitioners, managers, and organizations do not want to hear and recognize must stop!

Reliability – At a minimum, we recognize that the delivery of service is not dependent solely on the quality of the product itself and the goal is not that the products or service merely be deployed. A service must be operated and sustained over a period. How long? For the life of the service. Or in some cases, u…

How to Move and SHIFT the CULTURE!

There are three core frameworks that can help us to shift the way we think, do work, and ultimately shape the behaviors and values that are the heartbeat of our organizations - CULTURE! Each of these models can be used to identify, analyze, and move an organization to new heights, new ways of collaborating and increasing speed and value for service consumers.

Models for learning how to "Shift the Culture!”
Erickson Model – Identifies the stages of psychosocial development 
The Erickson Model helps as a starting point for “Where are we now?”.
Westrum Model – Focus here is on the organizational types:  - Pathological
 - Bureaucratic
 - Generative 

The Westrum Model helps providers get detail on the behaviors within their organization and teams. 
Laloux’s Culture Model – Frederic Laloux’s model provides a clear picture of how culture may evolve in an organization. Laloux expands the concepts of the two previous models.
The model comes from Reinventing Organizations – a landmark book …

Culture Hack Required!

The risk is below the water and we are headed right towards it. Organizational Transformations, Business Transformations and IT Transformations are all at their very core really CULTURE Transformations! 

Ok friends, I’ve loaded this one up. For a deeper dive into some of the topics addressed in this blog, be sure to click on the embedded­­ links provided.

Culture must be considered to Drive Stakeholder Value - This is POWERFUL!

Think about how a culture shift enables the following:
Mapping the customer journey with all touchpoints and interactions. You can potentially map the customer journey and map the stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities brilliantly, but what about the cultural shift to enable these stakeholders? Without it we will likely fall short of our goals.If we have any hope of converting demand into value via IT-enabled services – culture is key! Properly designing XLAs, SLAs and meaningful measurement models.  Without culture, the risk is high that even if you have a…

Virtual Classrooms WORK for YOU - the LEARNER!

Considering an Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom for your next class? 
Online Instructor-Led Virtual Classrooms allow YOU the learner to immerse in material that is presented in a fun, practical manner. Try it! I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Virtual Classrooms are available for Certification and Non-Certification courses including:
Agile Service ManagementDevOpsITILCX and XLA TrainingValue Stream Mapping (VSM) This is NOT a Webinar! This is NOT an e-learning self-paced computerized course.  You are not on your own!  Instructor-Led Virtual Classrooms Allow YOU to:  Learn online with a live experienced instructor.Interact in group discussions and activities with others in the class.Engage your instructor with ongoing Q and A throughout.Listen to or share real-world examples.Participate in analyzing sample exam questions with the instructor. Collaborate with chat, open mic, polls, and other interactive tools – VOIP or phone! Learn from; review sessions, videos, workbook activities, stud…

Experience Level Agreements & Surveillance Capitalism

Written for by John Worthington, Director of Customer Success at eG Innovations

Experience Level Agreements & Surveillance Capitalism
Does the Customer Really Come First?

On Sundays, I try to relax and not think too much about business, but I almost always fail to do so--- Monday’s right around the corner and it’s impossible not to begin thinking about the week ahead...

As it happens today I read an article in the NY Times and was immediately drawn to work. Being focused on the digital user experience and recently completing ITSM Academy’s The Essence of eXperience (XLA) Certification(see my review here), I found this article unsettling to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, managing the customer experience is definitely key to survival in the digital age, but it’s not a big jump from managing the experience to managing the customer.
“These data flows empty into surveillance capitalists’ computational factories, called ‘artificial intelligence’, where they are manufactured i…

Why We Must Transcend Silos

Survival - For a service provider to survive in today’s fast-paced delivery environment they will likely need to move away from old ways of doing things. We hear things like; "Terms matter", "Shift your thinking!" or "Shift the focus!" and "CHANGE the CULTURE!".  It is becoming more evident than ever that our organizational structure including silos could be an impediment.

Structure – An organization’s structure impacts how work gets done. Structure influences the actual product and service architecture. Some organizational structures even have siloed within silos. 
Structure matters. Silos can fracture the velocity of delivery and the quality of what is delivered. We can transcend silos! ITIL 4 Foundation or the new DevOps Leader certification classes are a good place to start learning new and better ways for the conversion of demand to value for service providers.

Considerations for Transcending Silos
Measurement – High performing IT organiz…