Quick Wins

Not too long ago we discussed John Kotter’s Eight Steps towards Leading Organizational Change.  The sixth step outlined the necessity of establishing Quick Wins.  As IT Service Management professionals we need to show upper management service improvements within a short time frame.  We also need to get our IT staff on board with the ITIL program and what better way than showing benefits quickly.  I have outlined 10 quick wins, some are for those who are just starting their service improvement journey, and some are for those at a higher maturity level.

To help illustrate this, we are going to try something new.  The ITSM Professor would like to solicit your opinions and success stories on Quick Wins and IT Service Management improvements.   We may publish your stories in upcoming blogs on topics such as
  • Recording every Incident and Service Request
  • Defining  models for your frequently occurring Incidents
  • Starting to create a Standard Change library
  • Producing trending reports of Incidents and Service Requests
  • Performing Trend Analysis on most frequently occurring Incidents
  • Identifying a Pain Point / Issues meeting with your business stakeholders
  • Following up on the issues meeting periodically to revise priorities
  • Establishing a regularly scheduled CAB meeting
  • Training the Service Desk to answer the phone professionally
  • Communicating, marketing,  advertising, and communicating your ITSM program
Again, we would love to hear from you.  Share with us your success stories, your service improvements, even some of your failures.  We can learn much from our peers!  Thank you in advance for your participation.   


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