The Service Management Trinity

In a previous blog from the ITSM Professor we focused on the relevance of ITIL and ITSM Best Practices to contemporary IT service providers.  We learned how a successful DevOps initiative must embrace ITSM, Lean, Agile and other frameworks and practices to ensure success.  The solution to value is like a diamond and has many facets!  In 1992 I read an article that talked about the key to delivering value and the topic was all about People, Process and Technology.

Twenty-five years later I must agree this is still the winning formula.  What might be different is how we view and utilize these for success.

What will Change?

People – Integrated teams with ownership and accountability. Visualized workflow and clear direction.  Communication, Education and Collaboration required.  Inspire and Educate!

Process – NO MORE overburdened bureaucratic difficult processes to follow.  We want just enough process, just enough governance and the process activities will no longer be siloed to just Design or to just Operational lifecycles.  They will be integrated.  Shatter the departmental and the process silo’s.   Have you embraced ITSM Best Practices and Agile Service Management?  This is not an oxymoron.

Technology – We should now have an outside in approach.  “Information, Technology, and Infrastructure are key but our focus will shift from those to the “Value” that that they produce.  The voice of the customer and dynamic business requirements becomes the focus.  Today with cloud services, infrastructure on demand and other innovation yet to be seen we are more than ever enabled to shift our focus from the technology to outcomes.  Automation will be key but we now look at microsystems and Tool Chains that support the flow of integrated teams, integrated processes and brilliant results.

The trinity still stands.  Some organizations talk about a focus on People, Process and Technology but in the wrong order.   If you are focusing more on Technology and Process than you may be at risk.  It is still all about PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY but most importantly is that it is in that order.


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