Improvement / Transformation As a Result of Disruptive Processes

I was recently asked about companies that have made improvements and/or had significant transformation as a result of disruptive processes.  The one that I am familiar with is Netflix and their philosophy of injecting failure into the production environment to ensure systems are fault-tolerant and how they continually test their ability to survive “once in a blue moon” failures.

Introducing Chaos Engineering - Netflix Simian Army

I did some additional Google searches:  “Disruptive improvements” & “Improving your IT services in a disruptive way”.  I think the following sites and resources provide more insight:
  • Disruptive Business growth steps – Dow Corning

  • IPhone success: Disruptive innovation and continuous improvement

  • Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy

  • Disruptive Innovation – Third Degree

This book has additional information as well:  The Innovators Dilemma, by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen.


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