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Making a Business Case for Sustainability in Digital and IT

How well-prepared are organizations to start their sustainability journey in digital and IT? It’s often difficult to start, either through a lack of awareness about the problem or engaging in too much talk and little action. However, with a greater understanding of how sustainability will make organizations’ and other people’s lives better – while supporting their business goals – we realize that it’s a problem to solve now, not in the future. Equally, many companies associate sustainability only with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. But there are three sustainability pillars: social, environmental, and economic. And there are numerous areas connected to each pillar: e-waste, responsible sourcing, digital poverty, fair salaries and digital carbon footprint – topics that still surprise many business leaders. ITIL® 4: Sustainability in Digital and IT is a professional guidance to help digital organizations start with sustainability. The book follows the steps of the