What’s New in IT?

What isn’t? With the internet of things there are so many options available to consumers that were not available even one month or one week ago.   With technology and job role functions evolving so fast, the best way to stay current is to become educated.  Here are just a few bits of interesting information.

New for Every Day Consumers:
In a recent update Google’s Virtual Globe has introduced a feature called "Voyager." No longer will you be limited to only exploring places you've heard about, nor will you have to resort to randomly clicking on areas of the planet in hopes of finding a gem. Instead, "Voyager" presents you with dozens of curated journeys around the globe. Each voyage is centered around a theme. “Museums Around the World” will take you to a Street View of museums in every corner of the globe. If natural formations are more your speed, "Earth View" will show you "the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth." And… if that does not excite your there are 3d glasses to use with Google Earth that will really make your view realistic.  Not only is the world evolving but how we view it is evolving too.

New Uses for Technology:
Drones. You have probably seen them and heard of them being used for espionage and for research.  I found it interesting to know that drones armed with sensors helped researchers study a volcanic eruption in Guatemala. Now think about the technology that supports services for your organization. Not only is there a lot of legacy hardware and software that doesn’t fit for today’s products and services, new ways to utilize the technology are continuously evolving, like the drone.

New IT Jobs:
New demand for new types of jobs and skillsets are evolving as you read this. Many include titles that would have been meaningless only a year or two ago:

Augmented Reality Designer
Internet of Things Architect
Container Developers
DevSecOps Engineer

Info World reports that it is no surprise, given that the IT job market is in constant flux with new technologies emerging so quickly, that hiring managers struggle to define those positions - let alone give them a title. IBM, for example, has a Director of Blockchains, and Ford Motor is among many companies looking for GPU Cluster Engineers.

New Education:
For more information regarding ITIL Best Practice, Agile Service Management (Agile and beyond), DevOps certification and more, look here!


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