MOF Management Reviews

Let’s continue our discussion on IT Service Management Frameworks. Recently, we talked about the question based guidance in the MOF Solution Accelerators. Now, I would like to offer you additional information on the MOF Management Reviews. MOF Management Reviews will help organizations ensure that their technology services are on track to deliver expected business value. They offer guidance to help management set goals, evaluate progress and confirm results. The MOF Layer/Phase and the aligned Management Review is listed as such:
  • Manage Layer
    • Policy and Control MR)
  • Plan Phase
    • Service Alignment MR
    • Portfolio MR
  • Deliver Phase
    • Project Plan Approved MR
    • Release Readiness MR
  • Operate Phase
    • Operational Health MR
The Management Reviews can be used as checklists to ensure we have completed tasks correctly. For example, the Release Readiness document offers a comprehensive review of the deliverables produced. It delivers an assessment of the readiness of the business to employ the solution. The operability and supportability of the release is confirmed, the overall quality of the release is assessed. Addressing this milestone gives the service provider an opportunity for customers and users, operations and support personnel, and key project stakeholders to evaluate the solution and identify any remaining issues that they must address before deployment. This Management Review ends with a GO/NO-GO decision to deploy the new or changed service. This is just one example of the 6 reviews in the MOF framework.

Available for free download are detailed diagrams of all the MOF Management Reviews. The diagrams offer a one page summary of the goals, inputs, outputs, key attendees, meeting frequencies, and milestones for each of the six MOF reviews. There is some great information to be found quickly in this visual representation. I have included the link below which will allow you to download the Management Reviews and their accompanying diagrams. Go out and download the information, take a look at it. I am sure some, if not all, of the reviews can be incorporated in your service management program.


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