Why become an ITIL Expert?

Are you a manager or practitioner in the IT Service Management Profession?  Would you like to advance in your IT career?  Perhaps you have many years’ experience in IT and service management and would like to increase your credibility. 

According to information on ITIL-officialsite, ”The ITIL Expert level of qualification is aimed at those individuals who are interested in demonstrating a superior level of knowledge of the ITIL Scheme in its entirety.  Achieving this level of ITIL qualification will benefit a candidate in both their personal and professional development, by aiding career advancement and progression within the IT Service Management field.  Candidates who achieve ITIL Expert level will also satisfy the prerequisite entry criteria for the ITIL Master Level; the highest level qualification within the ITIL scheme.”
The ITIL qualifications scheme offers a modular approach to the ITIL framework. In this scheme, candidates are free to select from a variety of qualifications which focus on targeted areas of the ITIL Service Lifecycle to varying degrees of depth and specialism. The flexibility of modules available means that candidates are free to tailor their own individual qualifications portfolio to their own personal and professional requirements.
Value for the Service Provider
As business demand for excellence continues to increase,  the demand for IT service and support becomes paramount.  Speed and agility are essential and the need for automation through the design and service transition lifecycle is evident.   ITIL will focus on a structured approach via management control and ongoing improvement over all of the processes that are required for a service provider to be successful.  If not ITIL than what?   ITIL is the oldest documented Best Practice in the world for IT and while it is vender neutral prepares mangers and practitioners with knowledge needed to implement the framework required for an end-to-end service delivery.  For those that look to tools and automation as the solution I have to ask you, “What are you going to automate”?   If we automate chaos we might be able to achieve faster chaos!
What’s in it for me?
In the past we have depended on Service Desk experts or perhaps the experts in Application Development to be successful in their siloes of expertise.  Oh! And lets not to forget the heroes and ninjaneers that run to the rescue when all havoc breaks loose! Today’s market requires an integrated approach with process and functional team integration all the way through strategy, design, transition and operation of the service.  Gone are the days where the need for siloed experts alone can continue to bring enterprise value to the business.
 The ITIL expert will gain knowledge necessary to understand the integration points throughout the service lifecycle and how to govern, implement and support IT services that align with business need and demand.  If IT Service Management is your profession, the knowledge gained via the ITIL Expert certification track will expand your current skillset and could provide you a competitive advantage in your career. If not ITIL, than what?
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