DevOps - The Basics

“Change sticks when it becomes the way we do things around here.” ~ John P. Kotter
DevOps benefits the business by improving communication, collaboration and the integration of people, processes and technologies across the IT value stream.
Ultimately, DevOps enables companies to deliver better software faster and more reliably by…

  • Improving communication, collaboration and the integration of processes and tools across the IT value stream
  • Automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes
  • Leveraging Agile, Lean, ITSM and evolving DevOps practices
DevOps – The Basics
Get Involved!
DevOps practices will continue to evolve through communities of practice. Seek out opportunities to collaborate with others and to share what you’ve learned.
Change related to DevOps initiatives will affect organizational culture. Effective communication plans, training, and clear policies and procedures are all needed to achieve the desired performance outcomes and enable collaboration between the many stakeholders involved in DevOps. Culture change and progress cannot happen without the support of people like you.
Take action!
Contribute to your organization’s DevOps effort by expanding your knowledge of DevOps principles and practices and by using what you learn to lead improvement activities. Be a change champion!

For more information about DevOps read this great resource from ITSM Academy titled “What is DevOps”

For Certification and Training click here --> inspire & educate… 


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