DevOps – Skills For The Future – Am I ready?

Currently, 68% of organizations have begun to adopt, or plan to adopt #DevOps within the next two years.
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This is all about DevOps skills? Are you ready?
DevOps Institute recently generated a very unique and interesting report title “UPSKILLING: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report”. Below are a few excerpts with some thoughts added.

Soft skills and technical skills “There is an equal balance between those who look for soft skills and those who seek technical skills when hiring externally or internally. About 30% of survey respondents said they look for soft skills first, as they believe they can always train or educate on the process and technical skills. And 32% looked first for technical skills to get benefits from the new hire.

Thoughts: It’s easy to become absorbed in a need for technical knowledge. Although that is required it is really the people skills are all too vital for DevOps success. We need - and MUST HAVE - DevOps leaders!

Jayne Groll, DevOps Institute, says, “The day of the specialist is gone as the future requires human capital which is “T-shaped.” This is a human with disciplinary depth, in the cloud for example, but with the ability, or arms, to reach out to other disciplines. Let’s work together to help people fill the top of their T.

IT Operations is a key functional skill ... but security comes in second.“The conversation around DevOps and its makeup is 10 years old this year. The combination of the terms Dev and Ops are perfect to reflect the key functional areas involved. IT operations knowledge received the most “must-have” votes (52% of respondents) as a functional skill. However, security incidents and breaches still happen far too often. Our survey respondents told us that security is the second must-have skill (47%). Additional must-have functional skills are IT infrastructure (44%), application design and development (42%), quality assurance (34%) and testing (31%).”

Thoughts: Infrastructure as Code is becoming a norm for a DevOps Continuous Delivery Pipeline. I believe that it is not until we recognize and understand the depth and breadth of … As Code … will we see the real value and cost savings that most hope for. This means things like “Security as Code”, “Policy as Code”, and oh yes, when it comes to IT Operations what about Availability and Capacity as code?
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