The Best of the Professor for DevOps #1 – Resources to “Educate and Inspire”

If you are a strategist, manager or practitioner working in service management today you will probably be working on ways to improve lead time, cycle time and overall flow of work through the lifecycle of delivery.   Business demand requires speed and dynamic business requirements force us to look at ways to bust out of silos for cross functional integration.  Time to market, customer satisfaction and the need for secure robust systems are being optimized by many service providers as a result of successful DevOps initiatives. 

When considering where and how to optimize the flow of work from ideal to end of life for a service , managers and IT staff frequently have a subjective view of what DevOps is all about and will often get into war room discussions around what certain terms mean.  Over the last year there have been many papers written by the ITSM Professor that clarify terms, concepts and methods current in the industry for service providers.   For clarification, and to ensure a baseline of common understanding for your teams, feel free to use the following “Best of the ITSM Professor” resources relating to DevOps.   Doing so could expedite and improve efforts throughout the enterprise.  These are great resources to help you get started on your journey or to help you to educate and inspire others.

Historically there has been a divide between the Systems Administration (Operation folks) and Software Development (Application folks). 

You Don't Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way the Wind is Blowing   Bob Dylan once wrote “The times they are a changing”.

Velocity   Velocity, it’s just such a cool word! 

Watch for additional DevOps, Agile and ITSM links to valuable information in future publications from “The Best of the ITSM Professor”!


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